Annual Report

Annual Report

“Education then beyond all other devices of human origin is the great equalizer of the condition of men,
the balance wheel of the social machinery “…….

Horace Mann

Excellence in education and fostering the love of learning is the milestone of Era International School, Bhalgaon, Aurangabad. The academic session of 2020-2021 was very special in history. The Covid -19 pandemic has forced educators to transform their lessons virtually in a very short span of time. Our teachers had to change to online learning, requiring them to use various digital tools and resources and implement new approaches for teaching and learning. We are grateful to have such a wonderful team of teachers; they stood up and made the pandemic into a successful and fruitful year.


Keeping ourselves up with the pace of modern world there are lots of infrastructure changes,

  • A green campus.
  • Well-resources computers.
  • Well maintained washrooms.
  • Big playground.
  • Football ground.
  • Basketball court.
  • Volleyball ground.
  • Kho-Kho ground.
  • Badminton court.
  • Cricket net.
  • Well-maintained library.
  • Science composite labs with the latest equipment.
  • Club facilities.
  • 24/7 school security.


Communication with parents:

  • Every month virtual PTM has done for class I- X.
  • The telephonic conversation regarding student’s academic progress.
  • Communicate and help out with the online exams.


Students Enrichment programs

  • Quiz competition.
  • Language day celebration.
  • Sports day.
  • National day celebration.
  • Religious festival celebration.
  • Special day celebration.
  • Guest lecture.
  • Annual day.
  • Field trip.
  • Sharing day.


School Website:

  • The website is updated with all information regarding the school, please check ‘’.


Student’s achievement:

  • Participating in various Competitive exams.
  • Vivek Khandagale of class X got selected for SPI.
  • Harsh Shinde of class X got selected for DCA.
  • Sahil Jadhav of class VIII selected for the state kick boxing competition.
  • Shivrai Garud won a Bronze medal in the state boxing competition.
  • Prem Joshi of class V won the certificate of merit.
  • Ayush Bainade of class I got’ Genius Kid Certificate’ on the eve of World Mathematics Day.


Teachers training and professional development

Our committed staff of teachers is undergoing a process of continuous development by

Undertaking a number of training sessions on different portals. Eager to accept the challenges of teaching in an online mode, the teachers have quickly learned the different online teaching methods and ways of keeping students actively involved in a virtual mode. They are always eager to learn and accept the recent trends in education and ensure maximum learning outcomes of the teaching-learning process.

In the end, I would like to quote an extract from ‘Stopping by Woods on a snowy Evening’ -written by Robert Frost to express our way forward. This is on behalf of the ERA family.


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