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“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus characteristics… that is the goal of true education”  — Martin Luther King

Welcome to Era International School Website!

The  purpose of introducing this webpage is to provide  a platform for parents , students and Era team  with easy access to a wealth of  information capturing Era International School program, polices and activities.

It was the vision of our founder Chairman and Director with a view to integrate the Rural and Urban future citizenry, by imparting education, with English as the medium of instructions. In our curriculum, we focus on the growth of individual student, as a part of the teaching process.  The teachers are trained by senior staff members as well as by outside trainers, to update and enhance their knowledge, with simple and yet informative learning strategies that help them to teach more efficiently.

It is my mission to develop Era International School as a Learning Centre for it’s stakeholders.  I am confident that each students of Era International School will be benefited from this learning center enriched with knowledge and discipline. This will help them to fly high as a citizen, when they complete their education from our school.

My best wishes to Era family for their endeavor and adding a new leaf to the grandeur of the school.

Best Regards,
Ms. Sarmistha Dutta

Message from Vice Principal

The first step into school is that giant step forward, where children embark on the great adventure of discovering the wide world outside and the depth of the world within. Every student in the school is aspiring to be an important person, as future leaders so to say the pillars of the society.

We, at the ERA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL believe that education is a process of awakening individual potential to creative knowledge, but more importantly enlightening students with the wisdom that they must never put a price tag on their heart and soul. The aim of ERA INTERNAIONAL SCHOOL is to provide sound education designed to train its pupils for the world of tomorrow and so the school provide a sage and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinker, creative problems solvers, and inspired learners prepared to thrive in the world.

I wish and pray that everyday be a special day for every child who enters the portal of ERA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, with a heart and mind set to grow more than yesterday.

Best Wishes,
Mrs. Beena S. Nair

Message from Headmistress

I am in the enjoyable position of the school where a warm and dedicated team of teachers ensure that students come to school every day with a high level of confidence and enthusiasm. Our curriculum is taught by highly motivated staff who work hard individually and collectively to ensure that students fully achieve their potential during their education in our school.

Children equally enjoy having the opportunity to develop beyond the classroom by taking part in extracurricular activities like art, dance, sports, music and languages. Our team of Era International School will ensure that holistic development of our students.

Best Regards,
Ms. Rohini Deshpande


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